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03 Sep 2011

Adobe AIR Application Crashes

Adobe, oh Adobe. Why?

Your updater pops open. Adobe AIR 2.5, if I remember correctly. It runs, and after that, all AIR applications stop working. They boot, then crash and barf up a crash report.

Turns out, this is a problem with case sensitive file systems. If your file system is not case sensitive, you are experiencing some other problem and this fix is not for you.

See, Adobe has this library called WebKit.dylib. However, their code actually looks for Webkit.dylib (note the capitalisation of the K). Well, spelling is hard, I presume.

At least this is an error that can easily be fixed. Fire up your terminal, type

cd /Library/Frameworks/Adobe\ AIR.framework/Version/Current/Resources/
sudo ln -s WebKit.dylib Webkit.dylib

Then enter your password and your AIR applications should work again.

Dear Adobe, is it too much to ask to pretty please make your software work on a case sensitive file system? Spelling is primary school stuff. It is really not that hard!

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