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22 Mar 2018

Blogging with org-static-blog (Updated)

A while ago, I scratched an old itch and wrote my own static site generator, called org-static-blog. It is a simple thing: You hand it a directory full of *.org files with a #+title: and #+date:, and it assembles a bunch of HTML pages and an RSS feed from them. There are no external dependencies beyond Emacs.

Today, I released version 1.1.0 of org-static-blog, which introduces two new features: speed, and tags. You can now—optionally—add #+filetags: to your *.org files, (setq org-static-blog-enable-tags t), and org-static-blog will add tag links to every blog post, create tag indices, and add <category> tags to the RSS feed.


As Kaushal Modi pointed out in the comments, org-mode uses #+filetags: to set tags for entire files. My first implementation used #+tags:. This is now deprecated. #+tags: still works, but issues a warning, and will be removed in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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